Amway achievers 2018

December 5-8, 2018 | Gaylord Opryland, Nashville, Tennessee

From my creative concept winning in December 2017 all the way up until the Amway Achievers 2018 event in December 2018, I led the creative direction and oversaw production for each of the 100+ materials needed for Amway’s largest North American conference of the year.

This is a very important event and the largest for Amway North America each year. It is important for the Achievers event to be fun, inspiring, motivating, create memories and foster a sense of community for IBOs and it needs to appeal to a U35 target audience. The focus is 60% recognition and reward, 40% education.

Program Objective: Create a family-focused, memorable and inspiring event that provides IBO attendees with motivation and education to achieve the next level of business success for themselves and their groups/downlines.

Languages:  US English (57%), Spanish (35%), French (1%), Mandarin (4%), Korean (3%)

The concept was inspired by the Nashville-based, letterpress style of hatch show print.