danyelle sage
art director + designer living in Chicago, IL

Beverly Center

As Southern California’s premier fashion destination, the Beverly Center redevelopment is a collaboration with Taubman and team of architects, landscape architects, lighting designers, general contractors and fabricators.

SPD developed the new logo, print communications, public monuments, tenant standards, storytelling programs, site-wide signage + wayfinding, and provided consultation for the art program. 

Taking a sculptural approach to the environmental work in this project, the desired affect is to update the structure’s dated exterior architecture and bring a modern, clean design to the interior. 

My role in this project was split between finessing the final signage design, as well as acting BIM coordinator do the architect. I completed the signage location plan and placement of 3d realistic model of all signs through out the retail space, private space, parking garage, and public spaces. 

Project Name: Beverly Center

Client: Taubman

Location: Los Angeles

Open Date: Spring 2018

Architect: FUKSAS

Experiential Graphic Design Team: Selbert Perkins Design