Muted, yet highly saturated colors are assigned to each level of the parking garage for easy wayfinding in the large, oddly shaped spaces. Polished stainless steel is accented by charcoal grey and a clean pantone white in the retail spaces to highlight the architecture andyet not overpower the tenants. 
 A system of custom iconography was developed to accent the new logo and simplify wayfinding
 Regulatory, ADA compliant, directional & tenant signage had to be meticulously programmed throughout the entire building. Signs in public spaces are adorned with a custom-routed graphic pattern and accented with polished stainless steel.
freestanding typ-02.png
La Cienega Blvd.jpg
San Vincente Blvd.jpg
 The building’s identity is made modern by replacing the dated typeface with geometric San-serif Futura. Horizontal & stacked layouts give the identity a new breadth of possibilities. 
20160411 3rd St Entrance Bulkhead 126.jpg
20160411 3rd St Entrance Bulkhead 125.jpg
20160301 La Cienega Valet Entrance.jpg
20160223 Beverly Center - View 5-min-min copy.jpg
20160224 Beverly Center - View 4-min-min.jpg
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