danyelle sage
art director + designer living in Chicago, IL

Bonnaroo x Pontoon Brewing

I collaborated with Pontoon Brewing and Bonnaroo to create a custom beer label for the 2019 Reddaroo Beer Exchange Beer. The beer will be distributed at Bonnaroo in the Brooers Village, as well as throughout Georgia.

Our Berliner Weiss, with strong notes of apricots, citrus and passion fruit, blended with Boulder Blues tea that gives notes of jasmine, strawberry and rhubarb, then aged on wild blueberries, freshly peeled lemon zest and lactose. The combination creates a very fruit forward Berliner with the complexity of green tea notes, while bringing a lush and vibrant burst of wild berries with some lemon tang and soft creaminess from the lactose.

Sean O’Keefe, CEO, Pontoon Brewing